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Dear Opera News Writer, See Perfect Instances On Why You Should Publish Less Viral ‘Breaking News’

Hey, Opera News content creator, I have a question for you: Can you freeze time? Of course not, and that is the more reason why you should reconsider the kind of articles you write with regards to TIME, particularly the concept of VIRAL breaking news. 

Opera News is a global village crammed with thousands of writers who are always on the edge of creating fresh content for readers, with the primary aim of generating clicks in its thousands. 

This, however, has put pressure on the writer to compete with his/her counterparts in generating appealing content for readers, who have the tendency to browse through energetic BREAKING NEWS. But since there are thousands of writers on the hub, there is the propensity that hundreds out of the thousands would carry a SINGLE breaking news, just like the one below: about Thursday's La Liga title win by Real Madrid.

Now, don't get distracted by the clicks the article got; look at the reach. It is impressive, considering the 100:10 ‘reach to clicks’ ratio. But you'd have to wonder why such an article with remarkable clicks got stunted by poor reach. Well, it is not far-fetched; the reason is that the topic was increasingly viral. 

Thousands of writers wrote the same thing — Real Madrid confirming their 34th Liga crown — and when such a thing happens, there is the divided attention and gradual loss of readers' interest because they are reading the deluge of articles with just the same information.

The good news is that you can shift from writing breaking news to writing follow-up articles on the breaking news. Now, look at this screenshot from a content creator, Richie Henshaw's page.

Did you notice how poor the first content regarding Regina Daniels's childbirth is? That's because it was breaking news: an announcement which thousands of other writers have published earlier. The succeeding content was still about Regina Daniels's childbirth, but it was a follow-up article detailing people's reactions to the announcement. And this is what it earned him.

The same could be said about this article of mine, which wasn't merely focused on another picture posted by actress, Genevieve Nnaji. It was her popular colleagues' reactions and comments that drew readers and made them click on the article.

If you really want to generate good clicks on the hub, do not leap on any breaking news(like See The 20 Housemates Of BBNaija 5) but pay keen attention to the news(dig on a particular housemate and his/her peculiarities or controversial past) and then create follow-up content.

Here is a good example:

There you have it!

Photo Credit: Opera News app; Google; Shutterstock, Opera News Hub.

If you have questions, do well to leave them in the comment box.

Content created and supplied by: EdohWrites (via Opera News )

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