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10 Great Tips That Will Make You A Great And Respected Leader

1. Do not show off: No one likes to feel inferior. If you are always rubbing your intelligence on peoples faces, they'll start avoiding you.

2. Accept people as they are: Don't try to change people or speak against their most cherished beliefs. It really makes them uncomfortable.

3. Show that you accept the general norm: Most people usually like to show how morally superior or different they are in their workplace. This usually leads to alienation, which is not good.

4. Make people feel important: Ask for advice from others, listen to them when they speak. They'll love you for it.

5. Be observant: Know your work environment, observe those you work with.

6. Call names: Everyone likes the sound of their names. It's like music to our eyes.

7. Be kind to people: Everyone loves to receive good treatment from others.

8. Don't judge people before you know them: Avoid using someone else's opinion to evaluate people. It makes it harder for you to really know them.

9. Respect yourself: Repect is everything. If you don't respect yourself, no one will. Let people know their boundaries when dealing with you.

10. Dress well always. A lot depends on how you look. It's popularly said that "dress the way you'd like to be addressed", very important.

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