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Hilarious things that only happens in movies (Hollywood)

We can't deny that movies are awesome, great time killer. I can't imaging the world without movies.

But It seems some things do only ever happen in this movies.

today my focus will be on Hollywood movies,All those little things which smooth out the bumps in a Hollywood blockbuster but never happen in real life.

Here are list of some things that only happen in movies:


No matter how late you are, you'll always find a parking space waiting for you,so chill and drive


A Detective only solve a case after he's suspended from duty

Now if you've seen any cop movie then you know this is time it all get serious


It's doesn't matter how far you are going your car doesn't need fuel to get you there 

Fast and furious sagas taught us that


In martial art movies when you're outnumbered and surrounded by bunch of badies, don't worry,they wait patiently and attack you one by one till you beat the crap out of them


A car explodes instantly once struck by bullet, but of course except if it belong to our hero,

the hero's car can withstand any damage 


You'll survive any battle except if you show someone the picture of your wife and kids waiting at home


This is my favorite

One man shooting at 30 men can kill them all without being struck by a single enemy bullet,you don't even have to reload cause you'll never run out of bullet

It's called: Baba Rambo law


You're always present when television news tell story that affect you personally,at that moment you're watching


Even Ugly girls becomes pretty once they simply untie that nerdy ponytail and take off there glasses


secret agent and CSI,always wears suit


Basketball is the most important thing at school, it's important than your math and English


save the world, save the world

At the end they only save new York city


Friend can die for you because your life is more important than his


This are some of those things that happen only in movies, just to mention few,there are plenty more


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