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How The Nollywood Actor, Caz Chidiebere Criticised Nnamdi Kanu In 2017 & Stood For A United Nigeria

There are two major secessionist groups in Nigeria; the IPOB which comprises of the Igbos and Oduduwa nation which houses many Yoruba folks. It is no news that not all Igbos support the independent actions of IPOB but fear is a factor that causes silence. Caz Chidiebere, a Nollywood actor criticised the Biafra leader, Nnamdi Kanu on social media and stood for a united Nigeria putting aside ethnicity.

Photo Credit; BBC

The Nigerian actor, Caz Chidiebere in 2017 challenged Nnamdi Kanu on Facebook and warned him not to tamper with the country's unity. Caz Chidiebere also pointed out the fact that many young Igbo youths were dying because of IPOB.

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On his Facebook page, he said: "For the first time on this Biafra struggle and agitations, I want to say a few words, to Mr Nnamdi Kanu, have it at the back of your mind that Nigeria is too big for you to keep messing with.

I don’t really know the people using you to be creating all these troubles, but I know that your aim boils down to cheap popularity, oga stop feeling rude in the midst of the radicals even if biafra will be actualised it won’t be through someone like you whose kids are abroad and he delights in seeing others go through stress to make him a redeemer.

Igbo youths should see that this man is being used and the senseless ones will keep on dying in the name of IPOB, my advice to you Mr kanu, take back your weapons of war if you are so learned and educated, help the Nigeria government to make Nigeria better and livable for all of us, I love Nigeria, long live Federal republic of Nigeria, am in my palace come and beat me."

Photo Credit; Vanguard

Caz Chidiebere is not the most famous of Nollywood actors but his statement against Nnamdi Kanu made him make the headlines.

Photo Credit; Punch

Presently, Nnamdi Kanu has pled not guilty to the updated charges that were filed against by the government. His trial has been adjourned till November 10.

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