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The Condition DSS gave Chiwetalu upon his release the youths should take note of.

I have read a few posts about the release of Nollywood actor, Mr. Chiwetalu Agu. The posts by either mischievous or misinformed persons, if not addressed, will likely land more persons in trouble. Mr. Agu actually made a deal before his release, and it is sad I have not read it anywhere online.

Mr. Agu in the controversial dress (

Recall that the elderly actor was arrested by soldiers at upper Iweka, Onitsha, for putting on a dress made with a colour combination associated with the proscribed group-IPOB.

He was reportedly manhandled by soldiers, (a claim he has debunked anyways), who arrested him. He was later picked up by the DSS ( Department of State Services).


During these periods, many Nigerians, mainly of the southeast extraction ranted of how he was free to wear whatever he wanted. How freedom of living was being tampered with and all that.

Many youths were of the opinion that wearing the flag he wore was not a crime, since IPOB was not written on it. This claim is wrong, because once you see the green-white-green in that order, what comes to your mind?, You guessed it, Nigeria comes to mind. So, that erroneous logic is applied by insincere troublemakers.

Mr. Agu being confronted by soldiers (

Now that he has been released, no one bothered to clarify the condition(s) he met. They make it seem Mr. Agu defeated the DSS, meaning wearing what he was was right. No, he did not win, he was only released because incriminating evidence was not found on him.

Not only that, according to him, in an interview he granted to bbc Igbo, he agreed not to wear that dress again. Yes, he argued he was only wearing a RISING SUN, fair enough, but NEVER on that color combination again.

This needs to be said, so that our young people do not think what Mr. Agu did was okay warranting his release. Wearing that colour combination will get anyone in trouble, till tomorrow. This is a fact.

(ECfranklin studio)

He said he will put his rising sun on whatever background and wear, that is not a problem. What is a problem is, putting on that combination with the rising sun.

Young People need to be told the truth. Do not dare to wear such a controversial dress, Mr. Agu being a public figure, had it easy, you may not.

Note: all information here are verifiable on bbc Igbo.

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Stay safe, ECfranklin cares.

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