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Forget About Employment, Your Hobbies Can Make You Rich.

Who is a Celebrity?

A celebrity is a famous individual who get paid for providing services. Example of these services includes;Singing, Designing, Script Writing and Acting, etc.

What Is Employment?

Basically employment is the state of owning a paid job. The main type of employment are basically office and company jobs, or casual jobs, apprentice, labour staff and self employment.

Are You An Employee?

An employee is a personnel hired by an employer to perform some certain task in a company.

Who Is A Worker?

A worker is a person who performs task for other company as a freelance or for a company whose company status is worthy of their skills.

Majority Of These Workers are CEO’s and Self Employed.

A worker in the likes of Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla, is definitely the living like a celebrity. He claimed to be a millionaire.

A Worker Can Live Like A Celebrity.

A celebrities in the likes of Bill Gate, Kanye West, Messi , C. Ronaldo, Elon Musk, Wiz Khalifa,,Kim Kardashian, E-money, Drake, Etc are workers who own brands, companies and are endorsed by other companies .

As A Worker Improve On These Two Things To Became Rich.

1.) Improve Your Hobbies

What Are Hobbies?

Hobbies are special task done by an individual regularly during their leisure time for pleasure or happiness.

Example Of Hobbies

Playing of sport: if you improve this type of hubby you may end up working for a professional sport team.’E.g Tennis teams, Basketball team, Cricket team, Football team, Etc.

Reading And Writing: If you work on your ability to read and write you may end become a professional. E.g A Journalist, An Actor or Actress, A Poet, A Blogger, An Author, Etc.

If you make your work to become your hobby , you will view it like a task that you do for fun. Your work will become your “favorite thing when you want to pass time”

2.) Be Consistent With Your Hobbies

Consistency is the process of putting more work every day to improve your Hobbies.

Without consistency, your Hobbies won’t earn you any moneys.

3.) Add Value To Your Hobbies

Anything of value is usually exchanged for money. If you are able to impamrove your Hobbies to the point were it can add value to somebody , then with consistency you can monetize once you have a large number of audience.

Below Are Six(6) Different Monetizing Methods.

YouTube Channel


E-Commence Store

Online Influencer

Advertise Ads

Promote Other Products.


I advice you to improve your favorite Hobbies and you will become rich! It may take time but it is usually worth the wait.

Content created and supplied by: Divinewill (via Opera News )


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