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The Gulder Ultimate Search: Some Valuable Lessons To Note From The Show

The Gulder Ultimate Search Show is a unique Nigerian reality TV show that premiered in 2004. The first of its kind, the show is an endurance-type reality program.

The various seasons came with a lot of thrill for viewers as well as obvious and hidden lessons. Reality shows like this are quite practical and contain valuable lessons. Keep reading for some of them.

Photo Credit: PM News Nigeria

1. Endurance: In the Gulder Ultimate Search, participants are made to live without basic amenities such as electricity, running water, and the likes. The ability to endure the sort of unpleasant and difficult situations without giving up is to be commended. In our modern world, the majority are used to being comfortable. The reality show gives us a view of what it is like to leave our comfort zone.

2. Team Work and Bonding: No man can live successfully without others. The reality show presents an opportunity for contestants to bond and also build relationships that can outlive each season. Though it is highly competitive, there are tasks and games to enhance teamwork. After all, two heads are better than one.

Contestants of a past season

Photo Credit: Youtube

3. Resourcefulness: Limited supplies are given to the participants; so they have to effectively manage their resources. Imagine living on a short supply of food. You will have to avoid wastage and also think out of the box for ways to get food. The show gives us a glimpse of the possibility of living within your means.

4. Victory comes eventually. At the end of every season, a winner emerges. The last man standing gets a major reward. For whatever difficulty or challenge you have to pass through, consider it as a phase that will pass. There is always a prize for sticking through and light comes at the end of every tunnel. Just like the Gulder Ultimate Search, view your life in seasons that end in rewards if you stick to the process.

Christopher Okagbue, Winner of the 2011 season

Photo Credit: NigerianEye

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