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Husband and wife relationship

You don’t force submission, you earn it — Relationship expert stresses

It's right for a woman to submit to her husband, but the question is, what is submission all about?

As a woman, you may be wondering if you’ve been a submissive wife all along, or you've been doing the wrong thing in the name of submission.

A relationship expert who goes by the name of Okoro Blessing Nkiruka, popularly called Blessing CEO stresses the need to understand what submission is all about.

In her recent video tagged “Submission,” she says a lot of men rather use the word, submission to manipulate women.

She adds that submission simply means respect, and before you earn it as a man, you must first give love. So many men who beg for it are not doing the right thing. 

In her words; “Submission is something that naturally flows when there’s love, you don’t even need to tell your wife to submit to you.”

She goes on to say; “Yes I know we could have a lot of stubborn women, but first thing, treat your woman with love, show her care, how her dedication, and she’ll worship the feet that you lay on.”

Click here to watch her full video

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