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CHARACTER: The Only Tool To Keep You At The Top Of Success.



Tai Solarin said education can take a man to the top but character will determine whether he will remain there or not. Anointing without character is catastrophe. I heard the story of a young man who was trusting God for a job. When God heard his prayer, he was invited for an interview and he took off early in the morning. He boarded a bus in which he sat beside certain fat man who had taken a large portion of the seat. Instantly, he started complaining and abusing the man for his fatness despite the man's plea for understanding. To his amazement, the both alighted at the same bus stop and they approached the same gate.

When it was his turn to be interview, he entered the interview room and was surprised to see the fat man as one of the major decision makers in the interview panel. The first thing he did was to immediately tender an apology to the man for his unruly behaviour. He was able to perform exxellently but the fat man told him that in this organisation we don't need tiny people like you; we need fat people like me with good character is indispensable.

If you are at the top, your character wil have a lot to sa abkut you. It is a major key in school of success. Show me a man of good character and I will tell you the man will get to the top. Your character says much about you.

There is a difference between character and reputation. Reputation is people's assumption about you which can be wrong or right. The people will judge us by our words or appearance and they will say he looks honest or looks nice, he is on his way to top. Reputation is based on what people feel about you not necessarily that you have it. While character is your way o life. It is a set of qualities that makes someone or something different from others. You are known by your character. Jesus said we should not be carried away by miracles on signs and wonders but by their fruits we shall know them. So you will be known by your character. Take your time to develop your character because that is what dictates whom you are.

Character development will give you a seat among the great and keep you at the top for life. Men of power are feared, men of knowledge are envied but only men of character could be trusted. Be good to people and let them feel comfortable when they are around you. There is no point making them look inferior to you always.

Learn to develop a good character. Somebody said " be tough but at the same time be tender because the person God will use for your help may not look like it. David did not have the look of someone that could kill Goliath but the Victory Isreal thirsted for had been packaged in David.

So it is not about the container, it is about the content Greatness can be hidden in rags;it only takes the man of good character to uncover it.

What you seek ma be closer to you than-you can eve imagine, therefore be cautious. One day, a well dressed lady was by the end road side and a man in a private car splashed mud on her. Instantly the man reversed to apologize but she rejected his apology, held the man's dress insisting that he must clean her dress immediately because she was on her way to an interview.

The man had no option than to take her to a boutique to change her dress after which the went their seperate ways. Two weeks after her interview, the lady was called upon to resume work and on getting to the office she discovered that she was to be secretary to the man that splashed mud on her dress. Instantly they both remembered each other but despite the man's silence on the issue, she decided to tender her resignation letter after working for a week beeacuse of a guilty conscience and the fear of the man retaliating.

Although the man pardoned her and rejected her resignation, her bad character would have made her lose the job.

As you are developing a good character aldo believe in yourself. A too character without self confidence will never lead to the top. Be bold so as not to be take for granted; no one will believe in you until you have confidence in yourself.

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