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Osun State Begins Martial Arts Training For women

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THE government of Osun State has revealed that it has started teaching women and girl-children kungfu, karate, judo, and different aspects of martial arts as part of its steps to diminish gender-based disruption in the state.

In a series of tweets at the weekend, the state government also declared openly that the martial arts activity centers would be distributed across t entire state, but that it would only state on the factor of federal constituencies. According to the tweets on @StateofOsun, “as part of its actions to lessen the growth in gender-based chaos in the state, the government has started educating women and children self-defense abilities.

“The martial arts ability accession is accessible to children from the age of four years and to women across several ages. “Talking to reporters at the time of an inter-ministerial media briefing arranged by the Ministry of Information and Civic Orientation, the Honourable Commissioner for Women, Children and Social Affairs, Mrs. Bukola Olaboopo announced the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs was operating with Osun Sports Council and the National Association of Women in Sports on this particular program.

“She explained the practice would be done every weekend by qualified trainers who are devoted to endowing our women. It is one of the state government’s steps at assuring that there is a decrease of gender-based turmoil, particularly rape.

“So, we want our women to be prepared to protect themselves and be slightly helpless to rape invasions,” Olaboopo explained. The tweets continued: “She added that eager partaker shall only be expected to collect the enrolment form at a limited fee of N500 for the sake of making them passionate, while other equipment and logistics needed shall be delivered by the government.

“Talking about the location of the program, Olaboopo explained that ‘it is not going to be established in Osogbo alone. It is going to be circulated across the whole state, but foremost, we are taking it on the factor of federal constituencies, after which we shall be expanding it to local government areas as quickly as we are eligible to get more trainers.

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