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"I never born, fear don dey catch me", lady reacts after a tin milk worth 18k and 25k surfaces

One of the primary aim why people get married is to have kids and enjoy their married life. Marriage is often known as an achievement in this part of the country but some feminists think being an independent lady is quite enough than relying on man. In any way it is, getting married would make an African parent very proud.

Furthermore, having kids is one issue and raising kids is another issue because money is always involved. I came across a post on twitter where one milk was pictured to be worth eighteen thousand naira (18,000) and 25 thousand and it has caused reactions.

The extravagant lifestyle of people might have actually made the prize of things to skyrocket or maybe it is just the economy. A normal tin of powdered milk shouldn't be more than 4 thousand naira but the huge amount I saw in the prize tag was really surprising.

Raising of a child is quite expensive, right frim infant till he or she becomes comfortable. Buying the daily milk and pampers can be quite expensive. However, see reactions of person on the 18,000 and 23,000 naira milk

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