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The Lagos based Cosmetic Surgeon is a fantastic walking advert of her cosmetic surgeon practice

Photo credit: Instagram

The embattled Cosmetic Surgeon, Doc. Anuoluwapo Adepoju is a great walking and breathing billboard of her body enhancement business.

With her flat stomach, perky breasts, perfectly shaped protruding bum and hips that gives her the much coveted and highly sought after figure 8, she is a poster figure of how great cosmetic surgery should and can be. She literally and figuratively commands her customers to patronize her without having to waste too much time trying to persuading them.

Going by the IG handle of Sisi Anu, she regularly bestows her fans , followers, present and would be clients in clothes that show off her body in tastefully sexy and obviously designer outfits.

No small wonder she has clients thronging Med Contour Services Limited ,her Lekki based Cosmetic Surgery practice to work the magic on their bodies like she did hers.

It is definitely cheaper doing it here in Nigeria rather than flying anywhere abroad to do it which is another reason she is highly sought after.

Going through her page, she and her clients usually are shown posing suggestively either in pictures or video blatantly advertising her finished services.

Pictures of obviously satisfied clients in various locations within and outside Nigeria would ensure that her business is always busy and assured of patronage.

No small wonder people are willing to submit their bodies to be worked on. Despite the death of a client and the complaints of botched surgery by some, she does have high success rate.

Going by her lifestyle, she must be very hardworking and reaping the benefits of an obviously successful and thriving business.

Despite the judgmental stance of some who have not showed pity for those who have had cosmetic surgery failures, people would still go for it and pray not to fall victim of such . If questioned on their new appearance, the gymn and not surgery would be credited for it.

Despite the negative media searchlight beaming on her, she manages to confess her faith in God and remain strong in the face of it all.

I definitely know she would bounce back from it all and keep fuelling the hopes of those who need surgery done but are fearful about going ahead with the procedure.

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