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The latest trend on Twitter and what it entails. It's tagged "UNA DEY MAD"

It's so exciting to see how Twitter has been bombarded with another trend called the "UNA DE MAD".

This is not used in offensive terms rather it was thrown as a joke and everyone now follow suit.

The trends talks a lot about about the way human sees things. Things the society has accepted and has become part and parcel of human.

Obviously, the trend surrounds the issue of "feminism" and how the world views and interprets what happens between men and women differently.

For example, if a lady is pays for a drink in a restaurant, her friends may begin to question her intelligence, but if a man does the same, everyone says it's normal.

Although, other people's comment did not focus on the gender inequality or equality argument, there are some other ones that sounds very hilarious. Some of the comments focused on different personalities ranging from teachers etc., others were focused on old school mates, but as every trend does on twitter, they all have the tag "una dey mad" quote in a very funny way.

There are over a thousand tweets on this trend makes and the truth is that I can't have post everything here. You can as well check the latest trend on Twitter and confirm this for yourself

What do you think is actually happening? Is it true that the world acts in "partiality" towards women and make some absurd things happening to men look normal?

Drop your comments in the box below.

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