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The Youths Are Talented, They Coined "na the matter we still dey settle" And Now It's "Una dey mad."

I won't be surprised if I see Nigerian youths come up with anything weird or funny all because they're very creative.

In recent days or I could say years, we've been getting different funny slags from them all. It's all starting on twitter before it goes round and gets popular among people.

The last coined phrase was "na the matter we still dey settle," and I can say it anywhere that it was a hit slang, but as usual, things do fade away so that slang is slowly fading away and a few days ago, a new phrase was coined. Want to know it? It is "UNA DEY MAD."

I still kept wondering how the originator of this phrase came up with it, but it's a trending word on twitter now. So I'll be serving you with few screenshots of "Una dey mad," and I'll add few "na the matter we still dey settle" screenshots.

First, I'll begin with the "Una dey mad" trend. Enjoy!

Without wasting much of your time, let's move to "na the matter we still dey settle."

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Nigerian UNA DEY MAD


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