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I Walked into my Pastor's Office without knocking and this happened(fiction)

I barged into my pastor's office after church service today after he has preached about love and something I didn't expect happened. 

It was atmosphere of love today after service because of the topic my pastor preached today, a lot of people lined up outside to see the pastor, I was also waiting to see him. 

While we were all waiting, I went to the back to ease myself, the toilet was close to the window of my pastor's office, I started hearing an unusual sound from a female voice, coming out from the pastor's office. I became curious to know what was happening. 

I came inside the church, the same set of people were still waiting, they were all looking worried and tired, so I decided to sneak into the pastor's office to see what was happening. 

I went through the back door where no body will notice I was going to see the pastor, I got to the door and the noise increased, out of my curiosity, I bagged in and I was dissapointed with what I saw. 

When I opened the door, behold my pastor and few church leaders were praying for a demon possessed woman, but that was not my problem, my problem is that the woman was manifesting when I opened the door and she gave me a slap that I will never forget in a hurry. 

Curiosity really kills a cat as they said. The pain of the slap is still alive till this evening, Please which drug should I take?

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