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''Do you Love yourself like this?'' Girl Blasts a Man seeking for Love despite calling himself Poor

True love is real but the ability to find the perfect one who truly compliments you seems to be a hard nut to be cracked. It can be underestimated that ladies these days want an already made man, someone that can provide all their needs at their call and beck as according to their popular saying, 'we can't suffer in our parent's house and still suffer again in our husband's house'. This quote has actually derailed many while some others succeeded with it.

No doubt, there's no gratification in poverty and they are right to some extent in their analogy but some have taken it to an extent that the poor men have no place anywhere around them.

No doubt, there are still very good women out there who're still willing to grind with their man and see him succeed but skepticism of what the future holds for them has made many chicken-out of the said arrangement.

Recently we heard news of a man by name Aliyu Ibrahim who came on Facebook in a group seeking for a woman to love him despite his poor status at the moment and also showing photos of his apartment.

According to him, ''This is where i stay, i am based in Minna, Niger State. No lady loves me because i am a nobody, no lady want to settle down with me, all i get is insult, mockery, i wish i can find love in my condition.''

A lady by name @Ejiofor El Che che took to her twitter account to ask him if he's happy with himself with his present condition let alone allowing another man's daughter to come suffer with him in it. According to her, ''Do you love your situation? why would somebody’s daughter come and love you in your situation? i don’t like bad dreams.'' 😰

Love is sweet and beautiful to be into but it needs money too to sustain it, in fact, money buys love these days. Just make money and the right woman will be there waiting for you to get married to her.

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