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The principal's daughter (fiction) chapter 5

I woke up. The whole room was still a little dark so I assumed it was around six AM. I felt someone stir beside me, I remembered the events of yesterday. Tomi was probably awake too because she shifted closer and snuggled up against me. I smiled as I felt her lips on my forehead.

"Good morning" She said

"Good morning, how was your night?"

"Well... It was great. Thank you very much, if you left I would have had to sleep alone."

"You're welcome" I said.

I started thinking then I realized.. I had to go to school! I got up and I was about to go outside before Tomi called me back. She sat up and said "I know what you're thinking about. There's no school today, it's Independence Day, remember?" I was relieved. I sat on the bed beside her. She wrapped her arms around me and asked if my parents would be around today since its a public holiday. I told her no because my mum told me that they probably won't come home till next week.

"Wow, in that case, can you just stay here till they get back? I know it sounds crazy but... "

"Yes, I will."

"Thanks" She said smiling.

She got up and said she wanted to shower and she'd be back in 30 minutes. I said okay and I lay back down on the bed. I thought about how lucky I was, she really asked me to at her house.

30 minutes later

Tomi came back with a white towel wrapped around her body. She said "Your turn"

I went to the bathroom and took a shower. When I came out, there was a very great aroma in the air. She was cooking. I went into the room and dressed then I went to the kitchen to watch her cook.

"What's cooking?"

She looked at me with a fake frown on her face. She told me to wait at the dining because it was a surprise.

She brought a covered tray to the dining after 20 minutes and she set it on the table. She told me to close my eyes. She opened the tray and she cut a piece of what she made and she put it in my mouth. I opened my eyes and said "Wow, this is great! You're a great cook" She smiled and said its just pancakes. She said she learned everything she knows about cooking from TV shows and books. She's served the pancakes and made tea. Then we started eating.

When we were done eating, she said she was going to tidy up the kitchen then we were going to have fun. I followed her to the kitchen and I helped her. After that, we went to the sitting room and she turned the TV on. She asked if I wanted to watch a movie or go out. I told her that I wasn't really a fan of going out so we could just watch a movie. She said she was an anime fan just like me. We were thinking of a good one to watch, we finally settled on a naruto movie, "The last".

We sat down and she rested on me. I put my arm around her and we stayed like that till the movie ended. It was 12pm now. I told her that I had to go home to get my clothes, my uniforms and my charger. She said she was going to follow me because she didn't want to be left alone.

We walked from her house to my house because my house was only two or three streets away, not too far from her house. When we finally got there, she was shocked. She said she passes my house a lot but she has never seen me around. I laughed and told her I didn't go out much. I preferred staying inside and just vibing, alone. We entered then I got my clothes, uniforms, toothbrush, wallet and headset, then we left the house.

It was 2pm now, she said she was in charge now and she had a lot of things to show me. We grabbed lunch first at a restaurant around her house then we set off. She took me to an arcade. She said the owner was a friend of her mother's so we had unlimited tokens.

We played a lot of games till we left around 7pm. We were both laughing then she said "I beat you in everything, I didn't know you were that bad"

"You won because you've been going there for a long time, next time sha"

She took me to the last place we were going for the day, A house. She had the keys so she opened the door with knocking. She said the house was her father's but he wasn't ready to move there yet because he wanted her mother to come back first. The inside was finer than the outside. She held my hand she took me upstairs. She opened a door then I realized that we were on the roof top.

She sat down on a bench and I sat down beside her. She said she comes here whenever she was lonely or just tired of her house and it was the main thing she's wanted to show me. I held her hand and we gazed at the night sky.

I looked at her then I realized she was staring at me too. She started blushing. I leaned forward and I kissed her, she kissed me back and we kissed for a long time. When the kiss finally broke She said "I love you... Jaiye"

"I love you too... Tomi"

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