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Nigerian lady who bed wetted for 20 years shares her story on how she stopped

A Nigerian Lady, Tolu Joseph has shared a really pitiful story on how she struggled with a medical condition called Enuresis. In a video posted by @bbcnewspidgin on Instagram, Tolu said she has been bed wetting since when she was a child, as she started getting older her family members became worried about her frequent bed wetting. As a little child she didn't know such a condition existed and was made to do a lot of horrible things to get rid of the condition, she drank concussions, peed on hot charcoal, prayed to grinding stone and even drank perfume water at a church her aunt took her to, yet she still kept on bed wetting. 

Tolu said she thought that getting into secondary school would make her stop bed wetting, but it continued even up to her university. She studied at University of Lagos and she was bed wetting regularly in school. 

She further talked on how she finally found the solution to the issue. She said as she continued getting regularly embarrassed of bed wetting she began to search online and was stunned as there is actually a medical condition for what has been happening to her. Enuresis is a medical condition in which there is inability to control urination. It could be caused by having a small bladder or mental disorder. 

It was at this point she started working on her self, she began to avoid foods that could make her urinate more at night and also made use of alarms, she would set alarm for 1am, 2am, 3am 4am at night, just to make sure she woke up to pee. This was how she was finally able to overcome bed wetting.

Watch the video here.

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