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"Imagine This Is The Plane You Book For Flight" - See 31 Funny Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

I guess you haven't laughed today but that is about to change this moment, because this perfectly compiled funny picture and memes I stumbled on has done the trick for me today and highly doubt it will do the same for you too.

Get ready to have an exciting time here with these pictures, tell me your favorite when you are done looking and laughing.

1. The hustle is real no doubt

2. God is truly wonderful 3. Play latest music too4. This is why I don't like copy copy 5. Please don't drink and Drive

6. Terrestrial meeting in day light 7. It is very depressing 8. Lol, but you still attend meeting 9. No comments on this 10. Lol, lemme not talk 11. That is exactly my job 12. This is my dream storage 13. Is it only me? 14. Na to tackle am remain o15. We are getting there gradually 16. My papa na nepa staff 17. Put antelope horn and fish brain 18. I thought he do disappear o19. Just go and cry 20. I kuku bring the whole house

21. Lol this is very very funny 22. The devil at work oo23. A massive accomplishment I'm still learning 24. Na to cancel flight remain o25. 26. It's called the door way effect 27. 28. I'm sorry I have moved on29. Or spray into their hands 30. 31. Makes you wonder who you are.

This is the end of our amazing laughing journey together, as I say earlier what number was your favorite and the funniest?

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Please kindly indicate where I need to improve on, thank you.

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Lol This Is The Plane


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