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Wearing Of Biafra Dress In S/E: Why The Woman Sitting On The Road Should Be The Last One

Following the arrest of Nollywood actor, Chiwetalu Agu by the Nigerian soldiers for wearing a dress designed like the Biafran flag, a viral video showing an old woman rocking the same outfit shortly after Chiwetalu Agu was released shows that some southeast citizens are emulating his act.

The old woman was seen sitting in the middle of the road while soldiers begged her to stand up and leave. Looking at the security nosedive in the South East region, you'll agree that there are many reasons why the Igbos should desist from wearing any dress made of Biafra design. Obviously, IPOB members are being haunted by the security operatives, and flying of a Biafran dress by citizens will make it harder for the security operatives to identify IPOB members.

Screenshot.Soldiers asking an old woman who wore Biafra regalia to leave the road.

Secondly, if more and more Eastern indigenes continue to wear the Biafran regalia it will provoke the government to handle them with an iron fist which they will not like. People must learn to be law-abiding.

Thirdly, it can worsen the security situation in the Southeast region. IPOB members can take advantage of the Biafra regalia being worn by people to operate fully. Also, we know that the government has warned people to do away with anything that has to do with Biafra, wearing such a dress will look as if they are challenging the government. Also, it's an abuse of privilege.

Lastly, it might attract more punishment for actor Chiwetalu Agu because he was the first person to be arrested for wearing the dress. Although the Nigerian army has released him, if more people continue to wear the same kind of dress, he might be blamed.

It's important to know that the Nigerian soldiers and police officers serving in the Southeast are doing everything possible to restore peace and good security in the region, however, wearing of Biafra dress won't help this matter.

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