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Even If Murphy Was Bad Person Before He Died, You Should At Least Forgive And Mourn Him– KC Jagaban

KC Jagaban, a star of Yoruba movies, has criticized some of his co-workers in a new video for failing to mourn him and for not attending his burial. Even if Murphy Afolabi had been a bad person to them prior to his passing, he made it clear that they should at least be willing to forgive and mourn him after his passing.

He revealed that some of the people the actor helped break into the Yoruba film industry were the ones who neglected to mourn him and did not visit his family to see how they were doing. Some of them, he claimed, kept insisting that they had been too busy to check on his family, which he believes is unwise given his influence over their lives.

He said, "Even if Murphy was a bad person before he died, you should at least forgive and mourn him" in the statement he made in the video. Some of you who he helped become well-known in the film industry did not attend his funeral. You kept saying, "You are so busy that you can't even pay his family a condolence visit after his passing; it's unfair considering the impact he had on your lives".

Thanks to his skill and the roles he plays in films, the actor has made a name for himself in the Yoruba film industry. This has helped him gain more notoriety in recent years.

Watch the video below

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