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Eight Common Mistakes That Will Get Your Article Rejected On Opera News Hub

Opera News Hub is one of the fastest-growing platforms that help the youth to earn good money every month. It is also an online media platform that helps Nigeria authors and Bloggers create good online content and share with millions of users around the worldwide

Eight common mistakes that will get your Articles Rejected.

1. Opinion or my viewpoints articles must always be indicated on the headlines always, to avoid rejection and label it properly make sure your news is genuine to the reader.

2. Imaginary articles about the assault, rape in the church, sleep with corps will also be rejected

3. Any Articles giving rise to lawsuits about payments and clicks on the Opera News Hub will be rejected if they require expertise, depth, and practical ways to teach other authors. Appreciations with unverifiable pictures will also be rejected. 

4. Authors should learn how to write their own articles. If an author does not attribute his/her source when writing articles about net worth, review editors will reject it. This source must be from a valid media platform.

5. This is why most Hub Creators are having many rejected, especially when it comes to the sexual article, such an article will be rejected

6. Many articles are rejected because of lack of proper arrangements of spellings

7. Stop using the death image of a snake or death person it will be rejected

8. stop writing see on your headlines if you are not showing any video or photo such an article will be rejected.

Finally, if you want to submit your article take your time and go back and read it will before you submit for review.

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