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Check Out The Success Story Of Rowan Atkinson, The Man Behind The Character Mr. Bean.

Many of us know the popular character Mr. Bean. His TV show has been a great hit and many people have admired him a lot. He has made a name for himself and history will never forget him because of the legacy he has left behind. 

Rowan Atkinson was born in a middle-class family. He didn’t have much to start with. In fact, he suffered terribly as a child because he stuttered a lot and he has a funny look. His peers tease him a lot saying he is an alien and that he was strange. This has made him become very shy and a withdrawn kid. Because of how he was mocked he decided to go into science to find solace.

Not only his peer mocked him. One of his teachers told him that there was nothing fantastic about him. And that he didn’t expect Rowan Atkinson to do anything fantastic in science. But Rowan did one of the most astounding things. He got admitted into Oxford University. This made everyone to be surprised. 

Something happened during his university days. He started falling in love with acting. But he couldn’t go into acting because he was shy and felt his stuttering was a hinderance. So, he didn’t show up in any tv show or movie till when he got his degree in Electrical Engineering.

After going through Oxford, he later enrolled in a Comedy group. But of course, his stammering got in the way. He was rejected by many comedy groups and many tv shows. But he never gave up. He knew he could become successful and that he had what it takes to make people laugh and feel good.With the rejections he had. He began to focus on his original sketches and character he had started. Then he began to notice that he could speak fluently in some specific character. As such he focuses on such character and then started the Mr. Bean Show. Though he succeeded in many other shows, Mr. Bean was the character that got him widely accepted.

Rowan story helps us to know that there is no challenge that we can’t overcome. And that with hard work, discipline and dedication we can we can be who ever we want to be

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