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Eudoxie Yao And Four Other Women With Bigger Body Parts Than Usual

There are so many strange things that are going on in different parts of the world. Some many people are blessed with different gift such as Long tongue, Fat body and many others. We will be discussing five women with bigger body parts that usual

01: Mikayla Saravia (Long Tongue)

Mikayla Saravia is a very influential American Model who is commonly called Mikayla. She is natural blessed six inches tongue. Mikayla Saravia has gained worldwide recognition and fame for her gift.

02: Maci Currin (Long Legs)

Maci Currin is a very famous yound lady who is natural blessed with long legs.This beautiful lady hails from Texas. She has won several awards due to her legs which weighs more than six feet

03: Maria Oz (Huge Eyes)

Maria is a famous Model and Entertainment who hails from Ukraine. Maria has a wider than the eyes of several people. She has gained worldwide recognition.

04: Cole Allegra (Huge Chest)

Cole Allegra is a famous Model who hails from United States. This beautiful lady have gained worldwide recognition and fame due to her huge chest has undergo several surgeries to achieve her aim.

05: Eudoxie Yao (Huge Hips)

Eudoxie Yao is a very famous Model who is commonly called Eudoxiec. This beautiful lady hails from Ivory Coast. She has gained worldwide recognition due for her large Hips.

These beautiful ladies have gained worldwide recognition and fame.

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Eudoxie Yao Long Legs Maci Currin Maria Oz Mikayla Saravia


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