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Graphic: 25 horror movies most Nigerians have seen.

Horror is a film genre that's scary for the purpose of entertainment.

Characteristics of Horror Movies.

1. More action than dialogue.

2. Mounting suspense.

3. Jump scares (unexpected images or loud noises that make viewers jump).

4. Gore - gruesome death.

5. A villain or monster

Types/Subgenres of Horror.

1. Psychological horror - mental and emotional fear is the tool used not violence or monsters e.g The Shining

2. Slasher - includes the use of serial killers e.g A Nightmare on Elm Street

3. Gore - also called Splatter films. They zero in on the vulnerability of the human body e.g The Evil Dead

4. Body Horror - features severely altered human body e.g The Thing

5. Found Footage - the film is portrayed as if it were discovered by the filmmakers rather than created by them. For instance, main characters finding footage of an unknown evil on an old video recorder e.g The Blair Witch Project

6. Monster Horror - includes the use of werewolves, vampires, aliens e.g Night of the Living Dead

7. Paranormal Horror - features supernatural entities e.g ghosts, spirits and demons. It features haunted houses, possession, exorcism or occult worship e.g The Conjuring

8. Comedy Horror - these movies make you laugh and still scare you e.g The Cabin in the Woods.

That being said, horror movies aren't strange in Nigeria. This genre of movies is actually my best kind of movies and I know that there are people like me who also love movies. Here are 25 horror movies most Nigerians have seen growing up.

1. Snakes on a plane

2. Anacondas

3. Child's play

4. Evil Dead

5. Army of Darkness

6. Friday the 13th

7. A Nightmare on Elm Street

8. Final Destination

9. Wrong Turn

10. A Quiet Place

11. Jaws

12. Drag Me To Hell

13. Hostel

14. Piranha

15. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

16. Saw

17. Candyman

18. The Cabin in the Woods

19. House of Wax

20. Night of the Living Dead

21. Scream

22. Ouija

23. The Conjuring

24. Train to Busan

25. It

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NB: all pictures are used for illustration.

Which of these movies have you seen?

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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