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More Pictures of Jyoti, The 26 year-old Shortest Woman in The World (Pictures)

God does things wonderfully. He sometimes does them to show humans that he's great, a creator. The normal height of humans conventionally range between tall, medium, short. But when it changes to, shortest, or tallest, then, there's a thing more to it. This happens to be the case of Guinness Book of Record's Jyoti Amge, a young Indian lady.

She's created in such a way that made her popular and oftentimes trending media houses all around the world.

You can checkout more pictures of her below and see that God is really great:

Amge playing with relations.

Amge slaying beautifully.

Isn't she pretty?

With her relative smiling happily.

At the place of the ground breaking record.

2020's Guinness Book of Record day.

Glowing in Happiness.

Amge receiving some accolades.

Amge addressing the public.

Amge on a facemask.

Amge saying you should stay safe.

Pretty Amge.

Give respect to whom it's due.

On a visitation.

When Tallest man meets shortest woman.

Happy Amge.

Having seen her Pictures, what do you think about God? Isn't she a great sign of God's wonderful creation?

Air your views in the comment section and do not forget to follow up for more updates.

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