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Opinion: Is Cee-c pregnant? What's the Brouhaha all about

Every one is talking about Cee-c and her protruding tummy. One would think she's pregnant with all the news flying around from Zendaya birthday party.

I was curious, for I too like to be current about celebrities especially for my girl Cee-c all the way from the big brother show she has been a role model to many. So the question is what went wrong?

According to Cee-c she ate too much at Zendaya birthday party and was carried away with all the fun that she forgot to tuck-in her tummy before taking the picture everyone is talking about. Though she tried but she had already eaten alot and couldn't help from the delicious delicacy being presented at the gathering.

So tell me is Cee-c a foodie? Oh yes! She loves good things and No,she isn't pregnant. Enough of the rumour.A girl is allowed to be herself once in awhile.Too much packaging makes one to forget the real life sometimes and you miss out on all the good things life has to offer.

As for me I will say it's a good thing after all this is making her trend again. It's really been long we heard from her and the good thing about her is how she has managed to avoid scandal with all the fame. She's a strong woman worthy of emulating or am I wrong? Let me know what you think of Cee-c.

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