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Gospel singer Steve Dyondun speaks on loving and caring about others

Gospel singer Steve Dyondun earlier today posted on his Facebook page about a particular woman he came across with in the city of Abuja Nigeria"He wrote"Don't love me, just care for me" said a woman during a counselling session with me earlier today in Abuja,Care for a dog for a day and it shall remember you for a lifetime. Humans tend to forget easily, and constant contact with the heart of an individual may bring endearment.

Care is the language of love, however between love and lust is a thin line. The heart itself is a slave to pleasant things and gestures. Little wonder children are always attached to the one who plays with them, buys gifts and treat them good, even adults aren't left out.It's needless to utter the word "I love you" without proving it by caring for the one you profess the love for. Good gestures towards anyone breeds likeness and likeness grows to love. When love is watered constantly with care and gifts, it blossoms.

Neighbours, in the good old days care for each other and tend to each other's needs. Family was known to be the pillar and cushion for soft landing for it's members. Friends used to watch each other's back and were always there for one another. Relationships last longer than it is now because of how those involved handles it, they were always there for their loved ones, spent quality times with each other, stand by themselves during hard times, provide a shoulder to lean on and exchange gifts. They, as a matter of fact give their all without expecting anything back.Action they said, speaks louder than voice. One doesn't have to utter the word "I care" before the other party would know and acknowledge that. It doesn't take time to conclude on someone's attitude that he/she cares or is the caring type.Mothers then, don't tell their children that they care, they don't utter the word "I love you" but the dumbest of the children would feel the love because of the unspoken language of love; care.The old African couples seldom profess their love for each other but their love is usually too glaring for the blind to see. Even the couples whose hearts belong to someone and somewhere else (due to accidental, political or arranged marriage) held on to the concept of care in place of love and the former would be mistaken for the latter because they understand how the heart warms toward whoever cares for it's owner and their marriages hardly have the hiccups we see nowadays.Some are eulogized as "the one who cares for a concubine as though he has never seen a woman before" not that he hasn't but he knows what it means to care for someone, women especially because their hearts is believed to be fragile.

A MAn once met a judge to dissolve his marriage on the account of reduced love. The judge asked if marriage is all about love, what about care and compassion, also tranquility? 

Imagine a world where neighbours care for themselves, friends care for each other, parents don't only care for their children but that of others, relationship is built on true love and partners care for each other. Imagine a world with reciprocated love and care. Imagine sowing seed of hope for upcoming generation with love and care.Imagine a world speaking the language of love; care.My name is Steve dyondun



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Steve Dyondun


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