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Reason Why Liquorose and Emmanuel's Relationship May Affect Their Chances Of Winning The 90M

One thing which I love about the Big Brother Naija Show is its ability to unite two people together. What do I mean? Overtime, we have seen different relationships and even situationships being formed from the show. Another thing which I find intriguing is that, every edition of the BBNaija, there must be relationships. This year's edition of the Big Brother Naija haven't failed to provide viewers with it.

Emmanuel and Liquorose are unarguably the hottest couple in the Big Brother Naija Season 6, tagged 'Shine ya eye". Infact, the duo have been tipped amongst one of the best couples in this year's Big Brother Naija Edition. Emmanuel and Liquorose found love during the second week in the Big Brother Naija house, after they both declared their feelings to each other. From that day onwards, the duo did virtually everything together. They have been spotted eating together, playing together, sharing the same bed together, k*ssing together and other stuff which couples do.

Liquorose and Emmanuel dancing together in one of the Saturday night party:

The Model and talented dancer by profession have been constantly dishing out romantic moments to their various fans and supporters. Recall when Emmanuel and Liquorose went on a romantic date to celebrate their love and ease off some stress from a really draining prank task? The duo made their way into the executive lounge where they enjoyed a romantic ambience and mouth watering dishes. It was at this point that viewers knew that their relationship had gone beyond just 'liking' each other. They spent a generous amount of time locked in a warm embrace k*ssing each other passionately. Just when you thought they were done k*ssing, they were right back at it again.  

Emmanuel and Liquorose on a romantic date:

Their relationship is something every single lady and guy fantasise about. Love brought both of them together, but the same love can't make both of them victors. One of them has to step down for the other, no matter how much they love each other. Their relationship might have scaled through different obstacles, but there is one test left for Emmanuel and Liquorose to scale through; which is who will emerge winner of the BBNAIJA Season 6.

As the show rapidly draws to an end, the question which have been bothering me is; 'will Emmanuel and Liquorose's relationship affect their chances of winning the 90M?' Many might have thought about this and believe it or not, this is inevitable. Emmanuel and Liquorose have been able to secure a spot into the final week of the Big Brother Naija Show, but will their relationship make both of them victors?

Absolutely NOT! Liquorose and Emmanuel's relationship will have a big effect on one of them emerging the winner. We can't have two winners, there is only space for one. So no matter how strong their love is, there is only one spot. The question is, "Who will it be, Emmanuel or Liquorose?". The reason which I will share is based on what we have been witnessing in the previous edition of the Big Brother Naija Show.

Emmanuel and Liquorose aren't the first couple to be formed from the show, we have witnessed many love birds come and go. With that, the only reason why Emmanuel and Liquorose's relationship may affect their chances of winning the 90M is;

Sharing Of Votes

This is something we all know and believe it or not, this is something that will happen next week. What do you expect will happen when two people who love each other are in the finals? There is bound to be equity and equal dispensing of votes from fans and viewers. Let us be real; if peradventure Emmanuel was evicted and it was only Liquorose, the fans of Emmanuel combined with that fans of Liquorose will team up together. This will maximize the chances of Liquorose emerging winner of the show.


But today, Emmanuel and Liquorose are still together. Not only together, they are both in the finals. So, there is bound to be sharing of votes. For instance; I am a fan of Liquorose (this is just an illustration, not really a fan though), I love her relationship with Emmanuel. I can decide to give Liquorose half and Emmanuel half. So that either Liquorose win and Emmanuel becomes first runner up or second runner up.

This is something practical. This is something that is bound to happen. One person can win the money, only one person can be ahead of the other. The two of them can't emerge winner. Unfortunately, either Liquorose fans will have to sacrifice their votes for Emmanuel or vice versa.

The final week is going to be tense for both Emmanuel and Liquorose. Will their love guide them through? Is their love strong enough to withstand and enable them scale through?

There is but only one way to find out.

What is you take on this?

Let's us hear from you in the comment section below.

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