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How looking At TV, Computer And Phone Screen Can Damage The Eye

Many people stare at their phones, tablets, computer screens, and televisions for extended periods of time. After all, many modern jobs include spending several hours a day focusing on screens.

In addition, a lot of people use TV or digital media to relax after work. As a result, the eyes receive little comfort.

Long-term viewing of digital screens might strain a person's eyes more than usual. As a result of the strain on the eyes caused by this, visual issues may arise.

The American Optometric Association explains that reading printed words on a paper puts less strain on the eyes than viewing screens does.

This is partially due to the fact that many screen letters lack the clear definition of printed characters. Additionally, many displays have less contrast than a printed page, and thus are more susceptible to glare and reflection.

The following are a few of the most typical signs. Computer eye strain: Reliable Source:

- strained and worn-out eyes

- eyestrain Dry, itchy, or burning eyes

- vision that is difficult to focus on objects in the distance or when viewing displays

- intolerance to bright lights

- headaches

- shoulder and neck ache

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