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10 Steps To Command Respect Among Your Colleagues In Your Workplace

1.Be punctual. People respect you for it.

2. Your colleagues are not your friends.

3. Don’t gossip about the boss to a colleague. Things do change.

4. Experience matters. The 10,000 hours ( 20 hours a week for ten years) rule is not a myth, it works perfectly. Giving these number of hours to what you makes you a master of it.

5. Think of any promotional exams as an opportunity to get more acquainted with your employer. Don’t panic.

6. Know something that no other person does. Be unique. Be needed.

7. Leave work at the office, if possible.

8. No sexual relations with (close) colleagues.

9. Do more than is expected. And make sure the boss knows you did, it increases your chances of being promoted.

10. Be honest, be a person of your words. No bribes or cohabitation.

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