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We all remembered to celebrate Wizkid on his birthday but forgot to thank this prayer warrior

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Our very own Wizkid AKA Starboy was recently celebrated for adding one more year. He was born on July 16th 1990. A lot of people on social media celebrated him with beautiful words and others with gift.

But what you should not forget is the prayer warrior behind him at all time, in the person of Jane Dolapo,she is Wizkid's mother.

Wizkid once thanked his mother for giving birth to him and for all the advise she gave to him,he usually refer to his mother as his prayer warrior and the powerful person behind him.

Before he was born she was preparing for his arrival,before the fame she was there,and now he has the fame and money and she is still there supporting and praying for his every move.

There are so many things to thank Wizkid's mother for.

Thank her for giving birth to a Legend like Star Boy, carrying him for 9 months and having a safe delivery. Giving birth to someone who has changed the face of Nigerian music and also help other people who was in need.

Its funny but you should thank her for always changing Wizkid's diaper when he was still little.

Most parents dont like it when their child is about to go into music,most parents dont allow their children to even dream about it,everyone wants their children to either be a Doctor,Lawyer,or an Engineer,most parents just want their children to go to school and graduate even though sometimes its hard to get a job.

Let's thank her for letting him dream and supporting him every step of the way as a mother should.

She needs to be appreciated for all the prayers she went through for Star Boy,am telling you its not easy also to be the mother of a celebrity. Wizkid has always referred to her as a strong prayer warrior who has always been there for him no matter what.

Most people might think its not good to live by rules when growing up but trust when I say it is has always been the right thing for a parent to do, those rules are what keeps all of us in check. Those rules are what has made Wizkid what he is today,thank you Mrs Jane Dolapo.

One last thing you should know or need to remember was that Wizkid was born into a polygamous family,his father married three wives and am telling you that for someone to be singled out from that kind of family and made it to fame is not an easy one.

Wizkid is what you will refer to as "From Grass to Grace" and this was possible by God who gave the mother strength to raise him up to be talented and never give up.

Shout out to Wizkid's Mother. Shout out to all the mothers out there.

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