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Big Brother Naija: Is This The New Tacha And Mercy?

The Big Brother Naija season five has commenced and the winner is expected to walk home with a whopping 85 million naira amidst other benefits. Being a winner among 20 contestants is going to be a very difficult task, that's why each of the housemates resort to engaging in shady deals and controversial actions just to be favoured and loved by the populace(the voters).

The BB Naija season four produced two of the most controversial opponents in BBN history; Tacha and Mercy. Both housemates seems to detest eachother, likewise their fans before the latter went on to win the prize. It was always a very beautiful and tensed moment whenever the two happens to be together, and now we just might have found our new Tacha and Mercy.

Dorathy happens to have the traits of Tacha in her, 24 year old lady who has confessed her love for money and also stated her plan of causing trouble in the house. Endowed but lousy, she seems like a typical Titan who's acting based on the script given to her by their godmother, Tacha. Tacha thought her beauty and lousy nature, compiled with her usual indecent dressing would win her the prize but she lost by paying the price for her indecency. Dorathy seems to have taken after her controversiality, and I see her losing even before starting.

Nengi on the other hand seems to be a bit cool and calm. She has the beauty and the hips just like Messi, just that she's fair in complexion while last season winner is dark. Nengi currently has the highest number of followers on Twitter amongst the housemates. She said she has come to the house to win the prize and nothing can stop her, she also said she wants people to to see past her beauty, to focus on her ability and not the other way round. She have the last season winner, Mercy, rooting for her. According to rumours, they're very good friends. She just might be the winner we're all looking for. However, it's just the beginning and a lot of things are meant to happen in the house. Let's not count our chickens before it's hatched but I'm rooting for her already.

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