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1 Major Reason Whitemoney Appeared On BBNaija, Which He Recently Shared, And 2 Messages It Delivered


Just recently, the winner of BBNaija season six, Whitemoney, spoke on what led him to participate in the show. 

This was seen in the video that was released by the BBC pidgin Nigeria. White money made clarity on the amount he won by explaining that the news that is everywhere is that he has won ninety million nairas, which is not true. According to what he won in cash, it is thirty million naira and the others are gifts in kind, so he wants people to deviate from the saying that he won ninety million nairas. 

However, Whitemoney now opens up on what led him to participate in the race for the BBNaija show, which was poverty. According to him, he had been battling with poverty for years, but now everything that was related to poverty in his life had become history. He now motivates other Nigerians that may be interested in participating in the future BBNaija show, and what the motivation is all about is what I shall explain in turn: 

1. Whitemoney knew that he would reach the end of the BBNaija show and that gave him the encouragement to forge ahead without distraction, and one thing that made him triumph is "Consistency." According to him, this appearance is not his first attempt to attend the audition for the BBNaija race. 

He revealed that he had appeared in several auditions before God allowed him to escape through the last odds. Thus, whoever wishes to feature in the future BBNaija must be consistent, because such a person must be faced with several odds. 

2. There is no denying that one of the virtues that led to Whitemoney's victory in the house was his "Perseverance." This was also observed in the house, especially when Pere took charge of it. What followed was what many Nigerians thought would lead to an egregious animosity between the two celebrities. Whitemoney did not allow that to occur between them. He only took the challenge as part of what would make him excel, and that eventually happened. Thus, whoever wishes to join in the future BBNaija show must be prepared to persevere. 

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