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What to do to make people like you and attract favors to yourself.

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OK let's begin...

Firstly do you think that people like you?

Do you think that the perception people have about you can affect you?

Also in this article you are going to find out what it means to be a good person and doors of favors it can open for you.


In many parts of the world greeting is a sign of good upbringing. When you greet your are shown humility and extending a hand of friendship. If you have a great greeting habit it is a very big pass mark for you within your neighborhood, workplace and people you meet. It is quite unfortunate that many people don't greet. It's bad not to greet. You might say it doesn't concern you but the truth is nobody likes a child or a person that does not greet, hence if there is any good thing the person will do for you you might miss it because you don't greet. Greeting opens doors.


You might be wondering how does giving open doors for you. Have you ever helped a person who is truly in need? If you have then you will know that there's a prayer of appreciation he makes in his heart for you. This prayer of blessings and appreciation he makes for you because of what you did for him counter the evil thoughts of people who don't naturally like you and wish you bad. Do you understand?. Giving is also the mystery behind tithing. The creator of the universe rewards a cheerful giver. That is why he said give and it shall come back to you. But before you give, pray, so that you give rightly. People who understand this and practice it never lack. Give to charity. If you really want to give a gift to someone that is really appreciated try donating blood if you have excess.


When you pray you are giving thanks to God for what he has done for you and presenting to him your life difficulties to him. When you pray and your prayers are answered you will have a peace of mind and rest within your heart. When you pray you repel the force of evil projected against you.


You might not know but children carry a lot of goodluck because their hearts are pure. If you are a type of person that when you come back from work or when children see you they love you and want to play with you, you are in order. Don't push them away, play with them. If there's anything bad that happened to you at work or somewhere while you are playing with the children their joy and laughter will erase such pain or sorrow of the bad event from your heart. The laughter of children gives healing to your heart.


Finally but as important as the ones mentioned above is purity of the heart. What do you think in your heart concerning someone or other people. Remember as a man thinks in his heart so he is. If you are thinking evil about someone it makes you evil and evil does not attract good. Appreciate good things that happen to someone else, wish good for others and good will come to you. Don't have a hurty heart towards someone that when you see such person you are not happy. Such heart is bad and wicked and can not bear good fruits of creativity, prosperity and productivity.

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