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The Story of a Pot With a Crack that was still Useful. You Can be Useful With Your Flaws(Pictures)

The story here is that of love and acceptance. The woman in this story did not look down on the cracked pit because of its disability. She rather used it to achieve a beautiful purpose. Do not ever think that because you have a flaw,that you are of no use. There is beauty in some imperfections. Just like the woman in this story did not dump this pot for its flaw, do not dump people for their flaws whether they are your family, friends, relatives or even strangers. You can help them or utilize this or imperfections to make a perfect situation. No one is perfect except God. The other good pot could fetch a good quantity of water but could not do what the flaws of the cracked pot could do. Did you see this ? The perfect ones are always flawed do not think that nothing is impossible. There is beauty in imperfections. Be proud of who you are. Most importantly, never look down on yourself because of your flaws. Disability is not inability. Be happy with what you are able to achieve in whatever way you are.

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