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How These Nigerian Celebrities Are Making Money From Farming

While it's normal for variety of entertainers to not stick with only one thing, others haven't really found the necessity to try to to something else aside from what they primarily do. 

We know variety of Nigerian celebrities who produce other businesses totally different from what they're known for. Many of them call it a pension plan . Many are of the opinion that there being an entertainer can only bringing in such a lot up to some extent .

Wise, we'll say it's for people who actually ventured or invested in other businesses that would pull through for them when their primary profession stop delivering. 

Farming in Nigeria may be a big deal a really big market that yields well. While many see it's a really boring job, others have seen it's a profession that would settle them for all times . Let's check out a number of your favorite Nigerian celebrities who are farmers. 


Despite the very fact that she is viewed as a debate magnet by a couple of , Actress, Halima Abubakar is additionally a businesswoman with interests in agribusiness. She features a farm in Kogi state where she sells poultry and other money crops.


Veteran Yoruba Actor, Taiwo 'Ogogo' Hassan has an alternate purpose behind wandering into cultivating. For him, it's tied in with having another wellspring of salary. The exercises of privateers prompted his choice. Additionally, since his folks were ranchers, it bodes well that he joins the occupation also . 


Everybody talks about D'banj's investment within the agribusiness. D'banj made such an excellent amount of clamor about his 'Koko Garri' that individuals began to believe whether we could ever observe the item.

 It at long last advanced toward chosen shops across the country. Inquired on why he wandered into agriculture in any case, he said he wandered into full-scale cultivating to assist battle neediness and urge numerous African children to carry onto agribusiness as a way for work.


Another Veteran Yoruba Actor, Yinka Quadri additionally has his hands in poultry cultivating. Actually, he uncovered that he has sunk quite 7 Million Naira into his ranch situated in Ikorodu a suburb in Lagos state.


Veteran rapper, Eedris Abdulkareem revealed recently that he has been in agriculture for quite a decade. He said, “Since 2001, I even have been fully engaged in agricultural activities and have investment in metals. 

I have a huge land in Kano, where I plant maize and other fruits for export. I even have not really revealed this aspect of my life so as to not be distracted. People only see you as a musician and believe that's all you reside on. ” he said.

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