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Hilarious Facts and Memes About Last Born Every Nigerian family can Relate to (PHOTOS)

Do you know that being a first born, a middle born or a last born may affect your behavior more than you can imagine?

First born child tends to exibit a bossy character, they are always in charge of everything except doing chores. First borns always feel like a mini god in the house, after the parents they follow suit in the office of authority. Every other child coming after them must serve them in one way or the other.

But you see middle born, they are always in action mode, ready to counter attack. When it comes to last born, I comot cap for them. Last born are hilarious, funny and very dramatic.

Facts about last borns

Every Nigerian family have that one child or a last born that is hilarious in every aspect. Always ready to report you to their parents but in words and in actions.

When a last born finishes washing of plates and spoons, they will go and cover themself up in bed, pretending to sick.

When a last born is not feeling well, the whole body will dissolve like salt and everyone in the house will feel the heat, because baby of the house won't have a single strength.

Last borns easily get away from the offence they committed.

Last borns will always piss their siblings off when the parents are around because they know you can't do anything. But inside their mind, they are seriously praying for their parents not to go out.

Last borns are too emotional

Last borns are always ready and willing to welcome mummy and daddy with a situation report.

Always confused in a relationship.

Always ready to report their siblings for a 2year old beating you have forgotten about.

Last borns feel like they can get anything they want from their siblings anytime, anytime. So long as their is "mummy said" attached to it.

Last borns end up wearing clothes inherited from the older siblings.

So far as you are a last born, people will call you smallie, no matter your size.

Last borns always end up being the most industrious child in the house because all the house chores including cooking will rest on her head.

If you are a last born of the family, feel honored. It means your parents finally made the perfect child so they stopped at you. I know some people will argue this.

Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section.if you think all the above Facts about last born is a lie, tell me why.

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