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4 Celebrities Who Have Admitted To Having Plastic Surgery

When our favorite celebrities' faces and bodies drastically change overnight, we all assume they had a little bit of work done. While many of our favorite Hollywood stars keep their plastic surgery procedures under wraps, this list of 4 celebrities has actually admitted to going under the knife.

1. Heidi Montag

MTV "The Hills" star Heidi Montag just might be the celebrity with the most dramatic transformation thanks to plastic surgery. Heidi reveals her brand new face and body on an episode of 20/20, and the results were shocking. Heidi had 10 plastic surgery procedures done in one day, including liposuction, breast and butt augmentation. She even had her chin shaved off. She has since been very public about her surgery regrets.

2. lggy Azalea

Aussie rapper lggy Azalea was so happy with her plastic surgery procedure, she couldn't wait to tell the world about her new enhancements. The fancy rapper revealed that she had a breast augmentation and she was quoted as saying, "I love them so much, I had to talk about them." She then admitted to getting a nose job done as well. Fans of the rapper have also accused her of getting a little bit of work done to her back backside, but Iggy refuses to address those speculations.

3. Kourtney Kardashian

The Kardashian family is no stranger to plastic surgery, but it isn't too often that a member of the family actually admits to going under the knife. Since the start of the family's rise to popularity, Kourtney has always been one of the most upfront family members who wasn't embarrassed about talking about her plastic surgery procedures. Kourtney has always been proud of getting a boob job when she was a college coed and she hasn't ruled out getting additional procedures in the future.

4. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is a natural beauty, but she was always so self-conscious about her thin lips. The singer admitted to getting lip injections to give her a perfect pout. But she claims to have immediately regretted her decision afterward and has come to accept that she is imperfectly perfect.

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