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Indomie Generation Should Stay Away, These 10 pictures Will Make You Remember Your Childhood Days

Things had changed due to the introduction of technologies that clear all how things are being done in our old days.

Today Article is to make you remember the old days since we can't revisite our past and below is some pictures that can make you remember the old age, if you are not among the Indomi Generation.

1. If you didnot eat any of the biscuit, that means we are mate.

2. If you didnot do this evil thing in school, it means you school day was not fun in the old days

3. If you didnot experience this when going to school, it means you are among the Indomi Generation.

4. If you didnot watch movie through window, it means your father is a richman or you are among the indomi generation

5. The number one benz in our old days.

6. Those are the favourite sweet in the old days

7. This how the big boy house look like in my old days

8. If your moimoi is not well package in the milk cup like the picture below in the old dqys, it means you didnot know how to prepare moimoi and if you are not relate to the milk cup moimoi, it means you are among the Indomi Generation.

9. In the olding days, you cannot a full corn all alone because of "please cut for me, please cut for me".

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