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You think Taaooma is Funny; Meet The Pretty 21-year-old Youth Corper Set To Take Over From Her

For everyone who has rammed into the famous Taaooma's skits on social media, one cannot deny that her divergent and creative talent is remarkable. She made the job of making people laugh seem effortless.

Her stage name Taaooma was coined from her real name; Taaoo Mayam Apaokagi. She is famous for playing a typical no-nonsense Nigerian mother, daughter and father in her comedy skits, and has garnered so much fame and follower-ship on her social media handles for it, far more than many of her predecessors within the spate of two years that she started pushing her skits on Instagram.

Born to Mrs. Aishat Apaokagi and Mr. Apaokagi in Ilorin, Kwara State, Taaooma officially kicked off her online comedy career in 2015 but did not gain prominence till 2017 when she produced the comedy skit tagged “When your mom drives you to school.” The video went viral, traveled near and far, as many people who were raised by Nigerian mothers can totally relate to it.

Brands, both local and international are also jostling for the ‘Taaooma's touch’ on their goods and services.

She disclosed in an interview that it was never her plan to be a comedian until she met her boyfriend, Greene Abdulazeez, a popular Nigerian video director, who discovered the comedy talent in her and trained her how to merge her clips and edit her skits.

Even though she gets a lot of inspiration from her mother who is a typical Nigerian mother (disciplinarian), but she claimed she wasn’t slapped as much as Taaoo gets from Iya Taaoo in the famous skits.

Taaooma, a devoted Muslimah who is also famous for never opening up her hair in any of her skits was considered to be the funniest female comedian to ever come out of Nigeria on Instagram by many until the new kid from the block, who is fast catching up to Taaooma emerged like a thief in the night.

Her name is Ezeani Chinasa and she is one of the new generation Instagram comedians whose skits are extremely hilarious.

Just like Taaooma, Ezeani is notorious for depicting a seriously funny Nigerian mother, father and daughter characters in her skits. She also plays all manners of other characters and addresses social issues with her shot but funny meme videos.

Additionally, Miss Ezeani is bold and vocal. Unlike Taoomaa who is bland and plain in her looks, she has a strong s.e.x appeal and never shy about wearing very revealing clothes while talking, filming her skits or promoting brands on her page.

Popularly known as Miss Ezeani on Instagram, Ezeani Chinaza is a 21-year-old content creator on YouTube and Instagram with a following of over 100,000 on Instagram. She began comedy by playfully recording herself and posting it on her page just for fun when her school was on strike as an undergraduate.

She is currently a youth corp member observing the one year compulsory service for her motherland.

Ezeani was shot into limelight with the skit she did about ‘how Nigerian movies portray grass to grace stories'. The video was reposted by most of the major blogs on social media. From there, her budding career as an online comedian soared and followers clicked the follow button in droves. Since then she has not slowed down nor looked back.

At first, she didn’t believe she was funny until she started getting accolades from her friends and family members who would watch the skits she posted online and laugh. They encouraged her to be consistent with it and she heeded their advice.

 Ezeani, who opened up about being an only child for 14 years before the gods of fertility smiled on her mother again, and she birthed her little brother, said she learned a lot through the period she was an only child by being observant and not being over-pampered even though they had everything going for them.

In her words… ‘I was a very curious and inquisitive child. I would read books beyond my age and go to places I wasn’t supposed to go to as a child. I was the only child of my parents for 14 years before my mother had my younger brother. I am very observant, so when things happen around me, most of the time, I end up performing a skit out of them.’

The budding star lamented of being compared to Tahooma because of their similarity in content. But she however claims that Tahoma may be funny, but many people have speculated her skits are funnier and more matured.

‘When I started initially, people were accusing me of trying to copy a popular female comedian on Instagram. I am aware of the fact that she is very talented but I never had any intention to be like her.’

She claimed Mercy Johnson, not Taaooma is her inspiration and role model since she was in secondary school and had always aspired to be like her. Miss Ezeani said she gets complimented every day and thanked for helping people get out of depression and making them smile.

Even though Miss Ezeani has merely 102 thousand followers on instagram and Taaooma is verified with over 1 million followers, Ezeani is a girl on the rise and if she keeps going the way she is, it is almost a guarantee she'll soon push over the likes of Taaooma off the scene completely.

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Content created and supplied by: SandraDicksonOyetayo (via Opera News )

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