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After This Lady Said 'Beauty Is A Rare Gift From God', Read The Reactions Of People

It is very certain that when posts are made on social media platforms, people would react either negatively or positively. This is because what is on social media is for public consumption. Many people have left comments after a lady posted picture of herself and said, she is Abundantly blessed with beauty.

In the post which the lady appreciate the handwork of God by saying 'beauty is a rare gift from God', a beautiful photo was revealed. According to the lady, beauty is a gift and not everyone has the privilege to receive such gift. However, she considers herself to be among those person whom God has blessed with abundance of beauty.

The saying that 'beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder' is true because some people who came across the above post have reacted differently. Some persons have corrected the lady by telling her that everyone created by God is beautiful. According to them, beauty is not only the outer looks of a woman, but also her humility, God fearing character and among others. They opined that if a lady posses good qualities, she can proudly say she's beautiful. On the other hand, some persons said she is truly blessed with beauty without considering other factors.

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