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The “Most Beautiful Girl In The World” Jare Ijalana Is Ageing Beautifully. See Recent Photos Of Her.

A couple of years back, the picture of a five year old Nigerian girl went viral after she went for a photo shoot with her sisters. 

Their pictures were so beautiful, people wanted to know more about them. Jare Ijalana’s picture stood out the most and her life changed forever.

As a five year old girl, Jare did not plan to become a child star, but just like Jumoke the bread seller who got discovered after she photobombed a photo shoot, Jare got discovered and thrown into limelight with a very huge title put on her very young head – “Most Beautiful Girl in The World.”

This is 2020 and Jare has changed, she looks different from the last time we saw her.

Young Jare Ijalana had her life changed forever when two years ago, at the age of five, wedding photographer, Mofe Bamuyiwa, took lovely pictures of Jare and her two sisters, Jomi and Joba.

Overnight the pictures went viral and although all three sisters got a lot of love for their pictures, Jare was the one who stood out the most and instantly became an overnight sensation.

Her picture was circulated everywhere and social media influencers, celebrities, and blogs, everybody in and outside Nigeria couldn’t stop talking about her and gasping about how beautiful she looked. 

Seeing how successful the picture became and seeing the potential in the sisters, the photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa convinced Jare’s parents to open an Instagram account for the children.

This turned out to be a very good move and very quickly, their joint Instagram account @the_j3_sisters amassed over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND followers! 

Since then, the sisters have gone on to do amazing things. Jare specifically who is 7 years old has grown from taking just photoshoots to starting a career as a child model, and has received awards for being a great model.

The young girl has become a socialite and an international model appearing on the cover of multiple magazines, and walking at prestigious fashion shows all over the world. If this isn’t growth, I don’t know what is.

Jare has also witnessed growth age wise. She was only five years old when she went viral but now she’s 7 and a superstar.

She is still as beautiful as she was two years back, although she looks different and taller but this is expected because she’s getting older.

The photographer who started all of this for her, Mofe Bamuyiwa, has said that she intends on taking pictures of Jare and her sisters throughout their lives.

This way, we would have a pictorial journey of the young Nigerian woman’s life.

See recent photos of Jare.

Photo credit: google/Instagram

We wish Jare all the best in her career and hope she achieves even greater feats.

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