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Meet Afeez Agoro, The Tallest Man In Nigeria Who is 7 Feet,4 Inches Tall

Afeez Agoro Oladimeji who was born in Sanbo,Yaba in lagos on December 13,1975 is the youngest of three children.Oladimeji was just like any other child while growing up until he fell ill at the age of 19 and soon started growing more taller more than any other child of his age.

He attended St Finbarrs college and then obtained an ordinary national diploma (OnD) and an higher national diploma(HnD)in lagos state polytechnic.

Oladimeji spoke on an interview that in his secondary school days he was not the tallest but after secondary school he started feeling that he was growing taller.After 10 years he said most of his friends in secondary school who had not seen him for long,saw him and said he is no longer the Oladimeji they knew cause his is now twice taller than them and even looks like an alien.

He said it got to a point when his clothes or shoes could not size him anymore.his parents showed him extra care due to his condition and was taken to the hospital to do a check up if he had any deficiency but the doctors did not see anything.He said that before his dad died,he built a house that will allow him move around conveniently.Oladimeji said he later underwent an heart surgery in the U.S which is one of the surgeries people with abnormal body growth will have to do.

These tall man said he had found difficulties finding a job because people where intimidated by his height.But luckly for him he got a contract from the lagos government and after the contract he then setup his own business and is also a model and actor.That was not the only challenge he faced,he also find it difficult to find love,no woman wanted to be with him,but finally he was able to find love and is now married.

Because of his height,Oladimeji who is 7 feet,4 inches tall stands as the tallest man in Nigeria and among the tallest people in the world.

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