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Black Love Is Beautiful: See These 20 Pictures That Will Make You Fall In Love

Love is a beautiful thing and so, everybody deserves to love and be loved back. But black to is beautiful, and it is a fact you must accept. So, in a nutshell of combination of both, Black Love ' is beautiful.

One European writer, Henry Stanley once wrote and referred to Africa as the "Dark Continent". At another point in time, he wrote' The Darkest Continent". What could have been his perception for writing this? Well as at that time, no European man had explored Africa until the 19th century. And because, when they were traveling down to Africa and seeing Africa afar off, from a point where he was watching through his stethoscope, he saw everywhere dark with no light.

Aside from seeing Africa in a state of darkness, what perhaps would have justified his inclusion was the fact that we are black in colour.

But being black is not a bad thing, because both black and white, yellow or red, we are all beautiful creations of God.

Black of course is beautiful and their true love life too is beautiful. The real black love has the following characteristics :

1. It is sincere and with no lies or pretence

2. It does not cheat.

3. There is contentment in the real black people's love as against the white or European love which in most cases, is full of deceit, cheat, lies, and pretense.

4. It is sacrificial and willing to surrender.

5. It is a kind of love that is trustworthy and as well as trusts.

6. It is not arrogant

7. It is not lustful.

Why have many not found the Love of Their Life today? It is because, according to most of them, they have not really found the ones trustworthy enough to love or they don't just love at all, maybe because their love had previously been betrayed.

These lovely black love pictures displayed below can make you to actually rejuvenate your love life and make you think of loving back again. 

2. When there is trust3.Love at the beach4. More love at pregnancy4. Love by the riverside- Draw my beard and call my name5. Black love is more romantic 6. Yellow rocks7. Black love is trustworthy8. When there is no fear9. Peace10. There is trust11. We love to be close12.13. Even when there is cold, you love to be cuddled14. Don't wait till the wedding day before you carry your love15. Absolute trust16. True love17. When you surrender all18. It is not judgemental19.20. That happiness and smilesIf you find this post interesting, kindly like, comment and share the post till it reaches other blacks of the world, and till their love lives begin to rejuvenate again.

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