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MOVIES: Watch These 10 Horror Movies, "Handpicked For This Weekend" (With Sites To Download Them)

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You think you have guts? Test your guts by seeing these 10 horror movies.

Without wasting your time, below is the list of 10 horror movies.

No. 1. On The List Is, "Piranha 3D 2010"

Piranha 3D is a 2012 Hollywood movie based on Horror, Comedy and Thriller. "Spring break turns gory when an underground tremor releases hundreds of prehistoric, carnivorous fish into Lake Victoria, a popular waterside resort."

No. 2. On The List Is, "Dagon 2001"Dagon is a 2001 Hollywood movie based on Horror, Mystery and Fantasy. "Paul Marsh (Ezra Godden) is yachting on the Spanish coast with three companions when a freak storm causes their boat to founder on the rocks. Paul goes to a nearby village to get assistance, as two of his friends have been trapped in the boat's wreckage. He notices that the locals seem odd, and their behavior grows increasingly strange. When Paul begins seeing a mermaid (Macarena Gomez) who has appeared in his nightmares, he realizes that the fearful world of his dreams is now a reality."

No. 3. On The List Is, "Havana Darkness 2018"Havana Darkness is a 2018 Hollywood movie based on Horror, Thriller. "Three friends are thrust into a terrifying game of cat and mouse when they find themselves trapped inside an abandoned building. They must manoeuvre through a maze of deadly traps to escape before a madman kills them."

No. 4. On The List Is, "US 2019"

Us is a 2019 Hollywood movie based mostly on Horror, Mystery and Thriller. "Accompanied by her husband, son and daughter, Adelaide Wilson returns to the beachfront home where she grew up as a child. Haunted by a traumatic experience from the past, Adelaide grows increasingly concerned that something bad is going to happen."

No. 5. On The List Is, "Jigsaw 2017"

Jigsaw is a 2017 Hollywood movie based mostly on Horror, Crime and Murder. "After a series of murders bearing all the markings of the Jigsaw killer, law enforcement officials find themselves chasing the ghost of a man who has been dead for over a decade, and they become embroiled in a new game that's only just begun."

No. 6. On The List Is, "1920 London 2016"

1920 London is a 2012 Indian movie based on Horror and mystery. This is not a movie for the faint hearted. "Shivangi lives happily in London with her husband Veer. On witnessing Veer's strange behavior one day, she discovers that an evil spirit has possessed him and seeks help from an exorcist."

No. 7. On The List Is, "1920: Evil Returns 2012"

1920: Evil Returns is a 2012 Indian Horror, Romance and Drama bases movie. "Jaidev, a famous poet, meets a girl who has no recollection of her past. He brings her home and tries to help her. However, the woman is soon possessed by a spirit and things spiral out of control."

No. 8. On The List Is, "Rigor Mortis 2013"

Rigor Mortis is a 2013 Chinese Horror Movie, this is movie can give you a heart attack if care is not taken. This movie us based on Horror, Action and Thriller. "A suicidal actor tries to kill himself in an apartment building. Unbeknownst to him, the apartment block is inhabited by a vampire hunter, ghosts and other supernatural beings and residents are soon fighting for their lives."

No. 9. On The List Is, "Daybreakers 2010"

Daybreakers is a 2010 vampire movie. It's based mostly on Horror, Fantasy and Action. "The film takes place in a futuristic world overrun by vampires, and centers around a vampiric corporation which sets out to capture and farm the remaining humans while researching a substitute for human blood."

No. 10. On The List Is, "Fright Night 2011"

Fright Night is a 2011 Hollywood Vampire movie. This movie is based Horror and Comedy. "Charley (Anton Yelchin) is a high‑school senior who's in with the "in" crowd and dating Amy (Imogen Poots), the most sought‑after gal on campus. But trouble enters his world in the form of Jerry Dandridge (Colin Farrell), a charismatic new neighbor. "

All The above listed movie can be downloaded from any of the below websites.

If you're facing and challenge while trying to download the movies, indicate on the comment section section.

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