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Oh! I Thought I Got It Right.(fiction)

4pm . Mr charles lying on his sick bed contemplated where he got it wrong. He took solace that he was in a private ward away from the noise. The television was on but he couldn't focus on the programme. His mind kept drifting in and out of reality. With no one to speak with he falls back to sleep.

7pm. The young nurse woke him up for periodic check up. " how are you" , she asked. It took Mr Charles few minutes to reply as he was disoriented. The nurse dutifully checked his vitals, blood pressure, temperature and administer his medication.

Now fully awake he asked the to nurse to help him open the curtains. As she was drawing the curtains , she heard him mumbled . " sir what is wrong , why are you mumbling? ". Mr charles saw concern in her eyes, apologized and beckoned her to sit down, and hear his story.

Mr Charles began

Oh man!!. Life itself had eluded me. At the age of 25 , few months after my mother's burial i vowed to be great in life. Things worked out as i joined my uncle in motor parts business. I served him well, mastered the business. After 6 years with him i started my own. The best time of my youth, the business came so natural to me. I started expanding and accumulating more money. I remember the first time I was introduced into real estate.

A man with such merry needs a wife, " the nurse nodded". Married at 35 to the most beautiful lady i adore( late Mrs. Rita). My wife opened a new chapter in my life. The chapter i didn't know was possible. Let me not bore you with the love details , "the nurse smiled"

We were blessed with 5 kids, 3 girls and 2 boys. A perfect family. The children attended the best nursery, primary and secondary school. They traveled outside the country for their university education.

Things started changing. I lost my first daughter in an accident, my wife couldn't bear the lost . She died shortly of stroke. My remaining children were so devastated. Being outside the country my link with them was severed. What have i done wrong i keep asking myself.

The young looked at her watch. Pleaded with Mr. Charles to excuse her and promise to come back for the story.

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