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Divorce Affair

More Photos Of The Nigerian Lady That Threw A Party To Celebrate After Divorcing Her Husband

A few hours ago, we got the news of a Nigerian lady who threw a lavish party to celebrate finalizing her divorce from her husband. It raised a lot of eyebrows as the average Nigerian culture is against divorce in all parts of the country. The news was reported by many news sites after she posted about it on Facebook. According to Linda Ikeji, Dr Ikea Bello describes her party as lit and the manner in which she did it suggested that she was happy about finally getting away. She shared many photos of her and her friends with a lot of messages to celebrate her divorce.

A lot of people are wondering who she is and I took time to look her up on social media and I have decided to share my findings. She describes herself as a life coach on her Instagram. Her Facebook wall also says that she is a mother of 5 and why she is happy about divorce might be as a result of domestic violence. Below are more photos of her.

A lot of people might judge her for doing what she did because of religion and culture. But the truth is that no one can make a decision for another person. We do not have all the details of what she went through in her marriage which is why we cannot judge her. I think that she is an adult and she made her own decision to celebrate it which should be respected. What are your thoughts?

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