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Video: Guy struggles to separate two university ladies allegedly fighting dirty over sugar daddy

So many times we have seen ladies fighting over man, disgracing themselves in the public places where peolle watches them. What causes this most of the time is jealously or probably a lady trying to snatched her friend's boyfriend.

Instead of them to settle the matter amicable they rather throw punches at eachother. A video where two ladies were seen fighting and dirty and ripping eachother clothes has gone viral.

According to the report, the two university ladies are alledgedly fighting over their Sugar daddy they are both dating.

No one really knows what may have trigger the fight, probably when one of them found out about other and trying to show the real owner of the suger daddy and shows superiority over their other.

The video that lasted for over 20 second saw a guy trying and struggling to separate the two university while other are encouraging him to leave them to fight eachother.

This video was shared by Ghnews

After watching the visoe above, what do you think of it.

Ladies should learn stop dating sugar daddies and if at all they engage in this, they should stop disgracing themselves in the public all in the name of fighting over man who doesn't bother about them. Ladies should learn

What do you think about this, let have your thought

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