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Twitter User Shares 6 Rules To Men Trying To Meet Women - Check Them Out

Most men don't know when to stop when it comes to trying to get the attention of a woman. Some reduce their self worth in the process of that because of the kind of reaction the lady will give. The lady they're chasing will most times ignore them completely but instead of moving to the next thing, they'll keep on pushing.

In line with this issue, a Twitter user with the name UG addressed men in this situation. He said;

"I hate it when correct men refuse to know their worth. Stop relentlessly chasing women who aren't reciprocating your affection, she should be meeting you halfway if she's interested in you. If she isn't, move tf onto other women. You're a King, move accordingly."

Under this post, another user added his own words of wisdom by giving six rules to gentlemen trying to meet new women. He made a valid point at the end of the 6th rule, by saying that Twitter is not the only place a man meet his other half. He urge men to look in churches, schools e.t.c

The rules he gave are as follows:

1. Never DM a woman twice. She saw it the first time and ignored. If you’re not worth her time at the moment, don’t force it. Move on to someone else.

2. Liking and commenting under all her pictures is a sign of desperation not romance. You’re dropping under all her pictures and someone who doesn’t even retweet her is eating the work

3. If she ignores you, keep it simple. Maybe she is seriously involved with someone else. Faithfulness and loyalty is a value you should appreciate. Subbing her and suddenly hating on her is childish.

4. Do not be disrespected because you’re trying to talk to her. Of course there won’t be matching energies at the beginning, remember you’re a stranger but if you don’t win her casualness in 2 - 3 weeks, abort mission.

5. What happens in the DM should stay in the DM. Even if you fall out and the relationship doesn’t work out, carry yourself with grace so that the next woman you DM will not run away from you.

6. Finally, be old school. You must not meet the LOYL on Twitter or even online. There are women in your church, school, office buildings and neighborhoods, friends of friends too. Goodluck Gents

Although some may not agree to these points but those are six valid points in my opinion that if sticked to, it will save some men some embarrassment.

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